Section A

Section A introduces programming through Scratch. Though ultimately all programs will be written in C, we start with Scratch because it is easier to see the relationship between the program description and the program behavior in Scratch. Though you can do much more in C, Scratch makes you jump through many fewer hoops before you can program. Initial programming in C seems to be a struggle with the compiler, whereas the real difficulties are making the program do the right thing. Scratch lets you focus on making the program do the right thing without worrying about syntax.

Week 1

Week 1 is an introduction to programming through Test Driven Development and Scratch.

Week 2

Week 2 shows the relationship between Scratch and C and introduces Unix in the lectures. In the labs, you will install Cygwin, a Unix shell that runs on Windows and continue your exporation of programming through scratch.

Week 3

Week 3 lectures dive deeply into C. You will see how each of the elements in Scratch are expressed in C.

Week 4

Week 4 continues the presentation of C. In the labs we will continue to be exploring programming with Scratch.